6th, 7th, 8th 2024-2025 School Supply List

*May need to be replaced throughout the school year


All Classes:

*Ink Pens (black, blue for writing; colors for grading)


Big Pink eraser or pencil top erasers

Highlighters (yellow for math, other colors for other classes if desired)

*Map colors

*Markers (medium or thin point)


Handheld pencil sharpener

*Glue Stick


Pencil bag (the above items should be in the pencil bag)

Ream of Copy Paper given to home room teacher on first day of school


6th, 7th, 8th English/7thTexas History only:

Pocket folder (does not need brads) 1 for English

Composition Notebook 1 for English, 1 for Texas History

7th Grade Girls-white cardstock

*7th Grade Boys-tissues

*8th Grade Girls-Clorox wipes

*8th Grade Boys-tissues


6th, 7th, 8th Science only:

1.5 inch 3 ring binder with notebook paper

Package of 5 Tab Dividers

*6th Grade Girls-Clorox Wipes

6th Grade Boys-package of construction paper


6th, 7th Math, Pre-Alg only:

2 inch- 3 ring binder; 3 inch – 3 ring binder

Package of colored dividers with pockets, Pre-Alg also

Brightly colored copy paper (no pastels, please) – Hiles’ math colored notes

Small basic calculator with square root symbol – Hiles’ math

*College ruled notebook paper; graph paper (Pre-Alg)

6th Grade only-multiplication and division flashcards

Protractor-Pre-Alg only


6th Grade Bible (7th and 8th Bible)

1.5 inch – 3 ring binder

2 inch binder- (8th only)

Package of colored dividers

Composition Notebook (7th only)  

Personal Bible


7th Grade Art

package of paper or styrofoam plates

8th Grade Art

box of  quart size ziplocks