It is CCA’s desire to make a Christ-centered education available to as many families as possible.

Each year, CCA allocates a specific amount of funds for tuition assistance to provide to families who demonstrate and qualify for financial needs as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, a third-party organization.

CCA’s tuition assistance program was developed to bridge the gap between the expense of tuition and what a family can afford. The assistance, intended as a supplement to a family’s resources, is available to any family, regardless of award amount needed. Tuition assistance is available to families with students Kindergarten through 12th grade. Preschool students are not eligible to receive tuition assistance.

The amount of assistance awarded to a family will be based on the level of the family’s qualifications and will be allocated based on the availability of tuition assistance funds. Tuition assistance awards & the amount of the awards are not guaranteed to be the same year to year.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

To apply for tuition assistance, families are asked to go to FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment’s website at:

Facts Financial Aid Management

All financial aid requests are kept strictly confidential and do not affect acceptance.

Please note that the filing deadline for financial aid requests is April 15th!