Senior Year Timeline

Summer – December

  1. Take ACT/SAT – registration for the September test date starts in July.
    1. Click here to register for ACT.
    2. Click here to register for the SAT.
  2. Begin thinking of a public or private college/university, or technical school/college you are interested in.​

September – Mid-February

  1. Submit college applications
  2. 4 year Texas public colleges and universities (and some private) can be applied for online at
  3. Notify the front office so that your transcript may be sent to the college(s) to which you have applied
  4. Most college/university awarded scholarships are due in February. All institutions set their own deadlines so be sure to check with your school of choice for deadlines
  5. The opening date for the application for FAFSA is October 1st using the past year’s income tax information. Most universities will require that this is filled out before awarding any scholarships. Go to to get started. This is a federal application for financial assistance and is a free service. This is to be done for any college in the U.S. not just for Texas.

January – May

  1. Most general scholarships come open at this time
  2. After graduation the office will send a final high school transcript to the college you will be attending
  3. After graduation you, the student, will need to contact the college where dual-credit courses were taken (if any) to have a transcript sent to the college you will be attending

Questions regarding college planning and transcripts should be directed to Shawna Gaccetta, our Dean of Academics.

Senior Trip

At CCA, we believe in serving Christ and promoting the Great Commission. Each spring, our senior class takes part in a week long mission trip. This tradition began with the Class of 2017, and will continue for years to come. The senior class has the opportunity to select which country they feel God is leading them to serve. Our senior classes have served in one country thus far, Costa Rica.

If you would like to help our seniors go on this trip, please consider donating. If you have questions regarding the senior trip or fundraising opportunities, please contact our Administrator, Jennifer Mitchell.