Planned Giving

Planned Giving is one way to assure financial stability and future growth of those institutions which are most important to a family or individual. It also provides one of the best and most tangible ways for Christian schools to achieve their vision and mission. For those who agree with our mission, their planned gift infuses institutional stability, visionary possibilities, inspiration for others in the community to give, and the meeting of present goals and commitments of the school.

In addition to priority gifts given to the local church, Cornerstone Christian Academy encourages potential donors to consider the long-reaching, positive effects of giving to a Christ-centered educational institution.

The following vehicles present many benefits to Christian non-profits as well as donors:

  • Appreciated property
  • Bequests/wills
  • Cash
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Personal property
  • Stocks, bonds, securities

Benefits of Planned Giving:

  • Continuing tax deductions
  • Deferred income – self or family
  • Initial tax benefits
  • Personal satisfaction of partnership with a like-minded institution carrying out causes you wholeheartedly support.
  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Stream of income to donors

Basic information on Planned Giving is available in a booklet entitled How to Pay Zero Estate Tax, published by Barron Publishing Co. The principles and methods of Planned Giving can direct funds (income tax, estate tax, capital gain tax, etc.) earmarked for social programs of the Federal Government, in the present and future, toward the non-profit church, Christian school, or organization of your choice. Simply put, “Planned Giving provides donors the choice to turn what would be tax dollars spent at the government’s discretion into charitable gifts made to causes and purposes they choose.”

This Planned Giving alternative helps individuals achieve their philanthropic giving goals without distracting from their personal financial goals (often times augmenting them). To receive this complimentary estate planning resource, please call 817-573-6485.

Thank you for considering a planned gift to benefit the mission of Cornerstone Christian Academy.